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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Ringing in the ears can be a torturous condition, particularly when it becomes constant. People experience all kinds of phantom sound sensations at various levels of loudness; from ringing and cricket like noises to a truck passing by to a freight train rumbling through. Besides these often intertwining sounds just driving one mad, they interfere with proper hearing. Conversation becomes difficult and being in a crowd becomes disorienting.

Few cases of tinnitus are initially due to sensorineural hearing loss. In my clinical experience, the vast majority of cases of tinnitus are due to inflammation in the inner ear. Inflammation either due to infection or allergic or hyper-sensitivity type of reactions. Often this irritating inflammation is accompanied by a fluid build-up in the inner ear and causes injury to the cilia (hair) in the cochlea.

What happens is, this inflammation goes on for decades - children's ear infections are treated with antibiotics, even though ultimately the ear infections were caused by food sensitivities/allergies. So even with tinnitus we have to think PREVENTION, because eventually this inflammatory condition in the inner ear will cause sensorineural damage.

Resolving inflammatory issues becomes the obvious solution to tinnitus. The earlier in life we realize this connection, the less tinnitus there will be later in life.

In it's simplest form this requires the identification of the inflammatory stressors/triggers and second a SHOW Method treatment or ASR™ Biofeedback treatment to harmonize the functional components of this INFLAMMATION.

We use a holistic approach of scanning and energetically analyzing the entire body for potential stressors, such as allergens and chronic infections.

The Biofeedback then harmonizes the epi-genetic expression of the selected stressors very specifically. This energetic approach to interacting with the metabolism of the body is based on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and the notion that the Qi energy represents The Life Force. I have discovered that the Qi energy actually represents cellular communications and the meridian system allows us access to all 100 trillion cells and their DNA within. In other words, the body as a whole.

The IMAET harness system intercepts all 12 meridians.

Some of more common allergens are regular foods like eggs, gluten, nuts, dairy; GMO food makes all this inflammation worse, of course. Those just need to be avoided for now.

One of the most common chronic infections (often described as dormant) relating to tinnitus, I find, are viruses in the mumps family, including the MMR vaccine. But many different pathogens can be involved in chronic infections of the ear.

The energetic concept of the IMAET System in combination with the SHOW Method allows to realize genomic stress factors causing functional epigenetic dysfunctions responsible for many inflammatory conditions like allergies or chronic infections. This is possible by interpreting cellular communication patterns present within the meridians (according to TCM), by analyzing the Qi energy. I like to call it - "listening to the body".

Nursing mom - IMAET reactivity scan 2400 items (innate frequencies)

The best part about this new paradigm is, that with an ASR Biofeedback, and employing the results of an IMAET scan, one can then harmonize the expression of the involved genes and variants to better metabolize nutrients and to better eliminate pathogens, including chronic viruses. With tinnitus as well as many other degenerative conditions it becomes clear, that a change in paradigm is necessary, so as to look for the causes of symptoms from the cradle on. And to treat such causes, effectively, and not just providing comfort by soothing the symptoms. Healthy lifestyle choices are the most fundamental factor to good health. That includes the choice of healthcare. Just think of how many pharmaceuticals have listed as a side effect - "may cause ringing in the ears".

But beyond healthy choices we have to address individual genomic stress caused by the thousands of mutations and variants we all have inherited with little choice. The age of Functional Epigenetics is here.

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