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The Clinic

Services at The Total Wellness Center focus on maintaining good health and wellness. These services present an energetic approach to life, enabling natural healing to occur. For people who have lost some of that good health, we offer a path forward. A path of healing by empowering the Innate Intelligence to re-establish Wellness. From detoxifying the body effectively and harmoniously to changing epigenetic expression of naturally occurring mutations and genetic variants. We pay attention to body, mind and spirit. Nurturing this trinity with real nutrients, making sure the body can metabolize and utilize these nutrients and using gently, effective treatment protocols to maintain and establish a healthy balance. Massage, Reiki and Chiropractic are all available to reach this goal.

Dr. Bernard Straile, a holistic chiropractor is the clinical director of the Total Wellness Center. Dr. Straile has treated 10,000 patients over 28 years. He is the author of 2 books. He is the developer of the new ASR Biofeedback energy healing method.

Our Philosophy

"Life is frequencies" and Dr. Straile employs approx. 100,000 different frequencies to analyze a person's energetic status in order to make clinical decisions and put together detailed biofeedback sessions.

Life happens at the interface of environmental demands and a person's DNA. Genes are the resonating entities who respond to environmental demands. The environment includes every molecule of what one eats, drinks and inhales.

Genes are designed to be adaptable to environmental changes. That means, we can change their expression through precision energetic techniques, such as ASR Biofeedback. Genetic predispositions can be  changed for a better outcome.

Total Wellness Center offers integrative therapies for natural health solutions
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