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Excess Weight/Obesity

Updated: Dec 30, 2021


More than one third of Americans are overweight. Children are at greater risk for obesity than ever before.

What happened in the past 30 years?

The family meal has disappeared. As many as 20% of meals are eaten in cars or on the move. Many processed foods are based on mono-cultured corn and soy.

What are the answers?

Basic knowledge about foods and how to prepare them efficiently. Eating more fresh foods in homes and school cafeterias. Become aware of hidden food allergies. Learn about organ and glandular rejuvenation and rehabilitation.

The Food Allergy Connection:

Dr. Straile has found that a significant proportion of overweight individuals have food allergies. Treating food allergies with NAET will allow your body to better extract nutrition from the food, thus reduce cravings. Hormonal imbalances such as insulin and leptin can also beneficially influenced with NAET.

The Natural Medicine Facts:

Dysfunction of organs and glands is often very effectively balanced with natural medicines and nutrients. Dr. Straile maintains a large nutrition store and uses Kinesiology to find the optimal supplement.

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