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Chronic Fatigue

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Besides Fatigue, this condition presents with many other symptoms:

A very common symptom of Chronic Fatigue is Esophageal Reflux or some type of heartburn. One third of people suffering from this syndrome have this condition. The taking of antacid medication will give symptomatic relief but only worsen the problem in the long term.

Sub clinical low thyroid function is common. With this condition a person feels exhausted frequently, weather sensitive, has rough and dry skin and may carry excess weight which he or she cannot lose. Other symptoms are:

  • morning stiffness

  • dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin

  • PMS and painful periods

  • brain fog

  • sleep apnea

  • depression

Dr. Straile, DC has found through his clinical practice, that Chronic Fatigue is due to one or all of these 3 factors:

  1. Food Allergies and Sensitivities.

  2. Intestinal Candida and Leaky Gut.

  3. Chronic, sub acute infections, most often viral such as Epstein Barr Virus.

The good news is, that YOU can do something about all 3 causes.

  1. Heal your gut with ProBiotics and other nutritional therapies.

  2. Eliminate your allergies with NAET treatments. This will decrease your inflammatory episodes requiring antibiotic intervention.

  3. Harness your Immune System and fight off chronic viruses with Dr. Straile’s HOW Technique.

Re-establishing a healthy body naturally, just may get rid of Chronic Fatigue and it’s associated symptoms. Take the challenge. The team at Dr. Straile’s Total Wellness Center can coach you.

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