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Scoliosis - The Wavering Spine

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Normal curves of the spine are important as they act as the body's shock absorbing system, disbursing the stress of walking, running, jumping, etc. Sometimes the spine curves in the wrong direction, often resembling the letter S or C. Scoliosis may develop during childhood or adolescence and it is twice as common in girls. The vast majority of Scoliosis is "idiopathic", meaning "unknown"

Scoliosis is a physical manifestation of a dysfunctional neuromuscular system.

Scoliosis is a physical manifestation of a dysfunctional neuromuscular system. The Central Nervous System controls a multitude of muscles in the back which keep the spine upright and symmetrical.

The CNS depends on proper gene expression to deliver proper neurological function. We are becoming aware of genetic issues, such as small mutations (CHD7 gene) and other epigenetic factors generating inflammation in the body. In the case of scoliosis, this inflammation triggers muscle contractions in the back which distort the spine. If protracted, over time this creates a scoliosis. This also explains the different degrees of scoliosis, from very mild to severe.

Influencing the epigenomics with precise nutritional support and energy treatments, such as the SHOW Method, can often positively influence healthy development. Obviously, the earlier these energetic/epigenetic imbalances are addressed, the better the results which can be expected.


The initial and first option for correcting Scoliosis is a spinal examination and chiropractic adjustments to see if the issue is purely a matter of alignment. For true scoliosis this will not resolve the problem. The misalignment will reoccur. Your SHOW Method practitioner will search for and find energetic blockages which may interfere with gene expression. These include food intolerance, allergies, immune weakness and toxicity burdens. The SHOW Method approach includes the entire body (holistic approach), all the organs, all cells of the body, not just the spine.

Inflammation and its individual triggers manifest in different individuals through very different patterns of illness. Scoliosis is one of those. Through genetic testing today we know that we all have thousands of gene variants and mutations which render us functionally imperfect. In the case of Scoliosis, the most affected organs are likely: the Nervous System, Adrenal Glands, Kidneys and Intestine. Through an energetic approach, by analyzing cellular communications, the practitioner can identify individual energy imbalances related to Vitamins, Proteins, Fats, Minerals – the Nutrition from the food we consume.

Scoliosis is a neuro-muscular disorder caused by genetic variants and mutations.

The SHOW Method then uses the innate energy imprints of these substances to feedback a treatment (ASR™) and harmonize their function. This reduces inflammation generated by everyday metabolism and is often done with the assistance of computer software. The end result is less inflammation in the body which leads to less involuntary contraction of the spinal muscles - Thus less scoliosis formation.


The SHOW Method as well as ASR treats classic scoliosis as a type of auto-immune condition with neuro-muscular symptoms. The causes of all auto-immune conditions are an accumulation of intolerances, allergies and chronic infections. Identifying these multiple causes at the cellular level then allows energetic harmonization treatments or feedback. Removing one inflammatory trigger at the time. Often these triggers are related to genetic variants.

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