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Prevent Alzheimer's Now

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Treat Alzheimer's naturally
Alzheimer's can not be cured - it must be prevented. Prevention starts early in life. Dr. Straile presents an advanced stress reduction method (ASR) to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

For decades now, we've heard the premature announcements that a new miracle drug is about to emerge which will cure Alzheimer's after it’s been diagnosed. As of the spring of 2017, Merck just made an announcement that they are stopping their latest drug trial after spending over 4 billion dollars, because it promises no result! AND, they are going to develop a drug which can PREVENT Alzheimer's since pharmaceuticals cannot cure it. So here we come full circle. We must think Alzheimer's Prevention.

I’m going to show why we are in this predicament of the rising tide of Alzheimer's, and what we need to do now to prevent it successfully. Alzheimer's is a kind of dementia caused by the formation of Neurofibrillatory Tangles and Amyloid Plaque in the brain. These deranged proteins form because of inflammatory processes within our bodies and eventually interfere with cognition and memory. This process goes on for a lifetime in affected people, starting in childhood. It is set in motion by genetic issues, SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) and mutations. However, the progression of Alzheimers is aggravated by our lifestyles, inflammatory diets, toxic agriculture, and last not least it is driven by our healthcare system. The overuse and emphasis on drugs for basic healthcare needs accelerates the incidents of dementia and Alzheimer's. This massive abuse of prescription drugs for basic health maintenance is scandalous and the “avalanche” of Alzheimer's is one expression of that situation. Meanwhile the word healing has taken a back seat and is basically looked down upon as naïve and old fashioned.

Let’s take anti-acid drugs (heartburn medicines) as an example: The prescription variety alone had 13.6 billion in sales in 2009. Because these drugs inhibit stomach acid production the most common side effect is bacterial infections such as C.diff (Clostridium difficile). Stomach acid is the first line of defense against any pathogen entering the body through the mouth. Another serious downside of anti-acid or acid inhibiting drugs is that, if one doesn’t have stomach acid, one cannot digest food. Stomach digestion is the first step in a complex cascade of events: digesting the food, then absorbing the nutrients extracted from the food and finally metabolizing those nutrients at the cellular level. All this is being jeopardized by blocking stomach acid and greatly increasing inflammatory reactions in the body. For people genetically susceptible to Alzheimer's, the target organ for the inflammatory tissue response is the brain. Which is also the organ that requires the highest amount of nutrition and energy of the entire body on a minute to minute basis. These are just the simple facts. When people habitually use anti-acid drugs they are starving their brains. Furthermore, the real cause of the reflux, heartburn or indigestion, has neither been identified nor addressed.

The three most common causes of heart burn and reflux are gallbladder dysfunction, pancreatic dysfunction and intestinal candida overgrowth. So, not only have these serious problems been completely ignored, but the overall health of the person has been seriously compromised by up-regulating inflammation such as in the case of dementia.

The development of Alzheimer's takes many years to come to the point of recognizing the symptoms, and indeed, I see it energetically in children. Usually children with a family history - a grandparent most often. How can one see the functional process of Alzheimer's? By listening to the body’s cellular communication system and realizing metabolic stress causes inflammation like food allergies and other sensitivities. What’s causing allergies and inflammation intrinsically? SNPs and mutations, which are spread across the genome or DNA. Dysfunctional protein folding inside the cells as they manufacture many proteins to sustain life. The end product is Amyloid Plaque and Neurofibrillatory tangles which accumulate over a life time.

The cellular communication system orchestrates life and it is what keeps us alive from second to second. This cellular communication system facilitates the expression of the DNA. The ancient Chinese called it Qi energy and determined through intuition the flow of that Qi energy through meridian energy channels.

These meridians are the internet of the body, connecting all 100 trillion cells and the DNA within each cell to each other. The DNA itself holds the knowledge on how to survive, how to metabolize food and how to operate the Immune System. It is at this interface of energy where the epigenetic details of metabolism can be identified, inflammatory markers realized and modulation and where harmonization of this energetic process of life is achieved.

With the SHOW Method, I have developed an ASR Biofeedback technique, which can scan for thousands of metabolic stressors causing inflammation in a detailed way. We can then harmonize and de-stress basic metabolic functions, like assimilating nutrients with a precise biofeedback treatment. The earlier in life this Method can be implemented, the less metabolic stress and the less accumulated tissue damage occurs over a life time. We need to approach prevention with a much more long-term outlook - Starting with our children and young adults. We need to use drugs only in a conservative context, not as a first resolve. Looking at symptoms as red flags and healing them instead of medicating them away. That way, we can prevent Alzheimer's NOW.

Find more information on the ASR technology here: Advanced Stress Relief.

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