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Lupus Erythematosus (Most common "Lupus")

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Lupus, one might say, is the mother of autoimmune disorders.  There are other “Lupus”.  Discoid L, Disseminated L, Neonatal L, Cutaneous L, Drug-induced L, Nephritis L, Brain Fog L.  These names refer to the body tissue or organ that is under attack.  Whichever is the case, Lupus is the immune system gone haywire, hyperactive  and attacking normal, healthy tissue throughout the body, internally , externally or both. For example– skin, joints, kidneys, blood, muscles, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Triggers are foods, food chemicals, infections, toxins, environmental exposures, the sun,  medications.

Lupus can occur in any age group with 90 % being women.  Women of child bearing age (years 15 to 40) are at greatest risk.   Lupus occurs globally. 30 genes, six chromosomes are linked to Lupus.  That means there are many variations between individuals. This also means a very individual treatment approach with an epigenetically versed practitioner.

Lupus is difficult to determine because the symptoms mimic other disorders such as rheumatism, allergies, fibromyalgia, eczema, rashes, fatigue, arthritis.

Management of Lupus conventionally is through immune suppressive drugs such as Plaquenil, Medrol., Methotrexate, anti-inflammatory drugs such as Prednisone, and avoiding exposure to the sun.

Is there another way?  YES, there is!

Dr. Straile, DC has some success fighting back on lupus by looking at the epigenetic dysfunction, meaning the cellular communications of the body. This intense cellular communication network is represented by the body’s energy field and energy flow. Ancient healing methods such as Acupuncture have tapped into this phenomenon for thousands of years.

Dr. Straile combines  this understanding with modern science and technologies employing Energy Methods like NAET, Kinesiology  and Quantum Biofeedback software to address the underlying dysfunctions at the cellular level.

“We systematically desensitize allergies, focus the immune system away from attacking healthy tissue to eliminating chronic infections. Clearing emotional blockages and balancing hormones are being addressed on an energetic level” says Dr. Straile. “And low and behold, the lupus monster decreases its power at the same rate as normal function returns.”

The second component, just as important, is to repair the damaged tissues, glands  and organs with specific natural medicines.

Lifestyle changes, away from chunk foods, food chemicals and processed foods to wholesome, fresh, organic foods is part of a successful experience. Soda and many other unnatural beverages become a thing of the past. Good riddance. You’ll never look back.

This information is complementary and alternative to medical approaches. Lupus is a serious medical condition! Always maintain a relationship with your Medical Doctor!

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