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Headaches & Migraines

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

There are many different categories of headaches, usually categorized by their particular symptomatic presentation. However, in my opinion there are only 3 categories of headaches:

  1. Headaches due to serious pathology such as tumors.

  2. Tension headaches due to muscular congestion, adverse mechanics of the neck or other musculoskeletal misalignments.

  3. Headaches caused by chemical and hormonal imbalances triggered by various changes and substances. These headaches and migraines are due to sensitivities and allergies.

The first category is an allopathic problem and requires a neurologist. The other 2 categories, which represent the vast majority of headaches can be treated conservatively with much success.

Chiropractic manipulation and Myofascial release of the involved soft tissues are at the center of treatment. These manipulations are of very high skill, usually completely painless and without twisting or rotating the head. This will correct path o-mechanics, relax the musculature and rehabilitate certain neurological circuitry. These treatments by themselves frequently bring great relief. The head and neck is able to move more freely. Fluids are able to drain with less blockage.

Headaches caused by triggers:

Allergies to foods or environmental agents can be detected through a technique called Kinesiology. The offending agent or trigger can then, very often, be eliminated with a new treatment called NAET. A drug free allergy elimination technique, discovered by Dr. Nambudripad and practiced with experience by Dr. Straile.

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