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Hay Fever - smart, natural solutions

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Natural and effective hay fever solutions
Achoo! Stuffy nose, itchy eyes & sneezing - it's Hay Fever season!


Come July and August, often until the first frost, many of us will be dealing with Hay Fever allergies! Pollen, molds, grasses and weeds cause runny noses, watery/itchy eyes skin rashes and irritated throats. The summer and fall pollens are a potpourri of weeds, including ragweed, grasses and wild flowers.

What is less known is that HAY FEVER also causes back pain, neck pain, headaches, sore throat, skin rashes and even irritable bowel symptoms and joint pain.

What is the surprising natural solution?

Dr. Straile, a holistic chiropractor from Camillus, NY has developed an energetic method, which desensitizes the body by teaching it how to break down the allergens associated with hay fever and detoxify them. After all, not all of us suffer from hay fever. So if one person can properly metabolize hay fever allergens, so can another.

Dr. Straile's SHOW Method technique takes an energetic approach which utilizes the body's own energy matrix to improve cellular communication and support proper genetic function for better overall wellness and the successful reduction and often resolution of allergies. Dr. Straile, DC looks at allergies as metabolic problems - the dysfunction happens at the enzymatic level. Certain enzymes responsible for processing and breaking down these particular allergens are not being produced properly by the body (the responsible genes). Enzymes are proteins which make life possible. From digestion to detoxification, these proteins or enzymes manage the details of life and bodily function. Enzymes are produced by genes.

The informational treatments are delivered through ASR Biofeedback technology (IMAET System) and intended to teach the body the missing information to process hay fever allergens effectively - thus decreasing and often resolving allergy symptoms. The SHOW Method is a non-invasive, new and gentle biofeedback technique, which, when applied with Dr. Straile's method, can teach the body how to overcome hay fever and other hypersensitivities. This happens by resonating those low functioning genes into higher function (producing more enzymes).

Read "A Thousand Shades of Pink" by Dr. Bernard Straile, DC

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