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COLD and FLU SEASON - smart IMMUNE support.

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

‘Get your flu shot’ signs are popping up everywhere. Sounds like an easy way to ‘protect yourself’ from catching a cold or catching the flu. Just keep in mind, there are strange ingredients in these shots, such as formaldehyde, MSG and other preservatives. Either way it’s good to take an active role in strengthening your immunity. There are prudent steps you can take to improve your general immunity, which will increase your resistance to all kinds of viruses and other pathogens or germs.

First: Do all the common sense things your mother or grandmother told you. Wash your hands before eating. Eat good food, free of chemicals and fresh with nutrition. Go for the colors in food: carrots are orange from the Carotene or Vitamin A they contain, green veggies are high in Chlorophyll and Vitamin C. All the vibrant colors in fruits and vegetables are from nutrients, Bioflavonoides, Resveratrols and other anti-oxidants, which have strong anti-viral qualities. Red meat presents its color from high iron content.

On the other hand, most things white are void of nutrition sporting mostly calories. Sugar and white flour being the most abundant ones. Hydrogenated oils and commercially deep fried foods stress the immune system. So, a donut is a triple whammy: deep fried (oxidized fats), white flour, coated with white sugar, a disaster for the immune system. These ‘foods’ create (nothing but) stress and weaken the immune system, increasing the chances to actually “catch” that flu. This brings home the point, that excessive and chronic stress will hamper immune function.

There are 100s of frequently unrecognized stressors which your immune system has to deal with: food sensitivities, including anti-oxidants like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C or D; airborne allergies, intestinal candida, leaky gut and environmental toxins. Many of these stressors can be discovered through Kinesiology and advanced software (we use the IMAET System) and can often be eliminated through SHOWme treatments, which are integrative energy balancing treatments. The goal being, after proper energetic alignment with the controlling DNA, these essential nutrients/anti-oxidants will not generate inflammation, but rather be a strengthening factor for the immune system.

Supplementation can help to boost the immune system. It’s best to get some counsel on nutritional support, because it needs to be tailored to one’s individual health status. Here are some basic ingredients: Vitamin C Complex (not ascorbic acid), Fish Oil or Omega 3 supplementation and Probiotics (to be taken in an empty stomach).

Turn off the TV and be active. Movement supports life and health through blood and lymph circulation. And then there is Oxygen, the one, most important nutrient which is entirely free! Just take a deep breath in and exhale slowly if not exercising.

Social interaction supports the immune system on the mental aspect of health. Remember, a healthy body requires a healthy mind. Go out and participate in social and cultural events.

There you have it: prudent steps to strengthen and support the immune system so colds and yes, the flu can more easily be resisted, even bypassed.

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