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Breast Cancer - and your immune system

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

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Complimentary strategies to reduce risk and avoid recurrences

The occurrence of cancer is secondary to a pattern of energetic disharmony in the body, initially unrecognized by the immune system. The causes of this disharmony are numerous and need to be detected and harmonized in order to remove with them as a negative driver. The disharmony is caused by many stressors in our metabolism.

We already know how to prevent cancer by avoiding radiation, toxin exposure and a bunch of bad lifestyle choices. However, there are three areas that are often overlooked as in my opinion they relate to cancer: 1) Hidden allergies/sensitivities: These wreak havoc in our bodies and confuse the immune system. Allergies can be viewed as disharmony within the body’s inter cellular communication system. This disharmony causes inflammation and related symptoms. Most importantly, it compromises the Immune System, allowing for predispositions for cancer to become expressed. 2) Latent infections: Chronic viruses, such as human papilloma virus (HPV), are known to cause cervical cancer and many scientists believe they are also involved in ovarian cancer and likely in some breast cancers. Viruses embed themselves into our DNA where they can become permanent and, over time, alter the purpose of a cell and express cancer. 3) Emotions such as anxiety, fear, guilt, anger or sadness all weaken the immune system by triggering the body’s stress response. These emotions have electromagnetic energy patterns which can be detected and harmonized with modern quantum biofeedback software technology.  This energetic disharmony is recognized by Traditional Chinese Medicine and addressed with acupuncture through it’s meridian system simply by removing blockages within these energy channels.

This meridian system is the internet of the body - communication channels of the 100 trillion cells that make up the human body. In conventional Western scientific terms, this energy represents cellular communications within cell signaling pathways. It is our epigenetic expression that manages all the stressors every second of every day. This survival mechanism includes defenses against all immune threats - including emerging cancers. Dr. Straile, DC has developed a new biofeedback method which interacts with this Life energy, called ASR™ Advanced Stress Relief™.

I believe that we can reduce the incidence of cancer by paying attention to the inter-cellular communication patterns, balancing disharmony and reducing inflammation. Using a Quantum Biofeedback software technology, the IMAET System, we can de-stress very specific metabolic stressors causing allergies and sensitivities of all kinds.

The ASR™ Advanced Stress Relief™ Technique enables us to communicate with the Immune System in real time and focus it on particular hypersenitivity or microbe. Detecting a pathogen early on is crucial and identifying the energetic signature of a virus is a new way of detecting its energetic presence. Once we are aware of the virus, we can then mobilize the immune system and help focus it on eliminating it through energetic feedback protocols such as the SHOW Method. These energetic interactions with the immune system happen through the same communication channels as do metabolic events, the meridians of TCM. The details of immune function are epigenetic expressions of knowledge stored in the DNA and the acute challenges from the environment.

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