If you have symptoms that your doctor cannot explain …

They may be due to allergies. These include:
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“I had suffered with chronic ear infections, swelling and chronic pain for two years before deciding to start investing in myself to get better rather than spending money on treating my symptoms to stay sick.  I was s skeptic at first but now I am pain free and haven't had an ear infection since treating with Dr. Straile!”

Heidi - Syracuse, NY

“I was already a patient of Dr. Straile when I developed a rash on my leg, the cause of which I could not figure out.  I went to a medical clinic which diagnosed me with cellulitis.  They wrapped my leg in a calamine solution which caused my leg to then double in size.  I decided to get treatment from Dr. Straile.  My leg improved and he determined that a fungus had caused the rash.  After treatments with Dr. Straile, my rash healed and I have not had skin issues since.  Dr. Straile continues to keep me healthy with treatments and nutritional support.”

Amelia - Syracuse, NY

“Before treatments with Dr. Straile, I would get itching on my arms after working in my garden.  Now I have not had a reaction from gardening!”

Eleanor - Camillus, NY


Dr. Straile has treated over 4000 patients over the past 25 years. His individual approaches to each case and a keen diagnostic ability have allowed him to successfully treat many conditions from Backpain to Inflammation to Pain. After practicing the new, revolutionary procedure NAET over many years, he has developed the SHOW Method, an epigenetic healing technique. This has added an incredible tool for many stubborn and unresponsive conditions, by changing genetic expression with integrative energy procedures.

“I feel so much better after going here. I had a chronic cold and they have found and treated allergens.”

Holly - Warners, NY

“Since starting treatments with Dr. Straile I no longer get sick, feel fatigued or have allergic reactions.  If for some reason I don't feel 100%, Dr. Straile makes time for me and I feel better within hours.”

Brittany - Liverpool, NY