Assessment & treatment that may reverse allergies & hyper sensitivities. 

Unleash your Immune System. Change Your Genetic Expression.


Quantum Biofeedback

Bio-energetic stress relief technology. Modern biofeedback affecting TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) meridians & acupoints and genetic expression.


Allergy Elimination

Using the NAET approach as well as the new SHOW Method.



NATURE’S REMEDIES is CNY’S largest natural pharmacy. Hundreds of high quality nutritional products from AF Beta Food to Zinc.

Homeopathic Remedies, Specialty Chinese Medicines, Ayurvedic Medicines.


Addressing structural and postural alignment issues and providing spinal adjustments.



Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports Massage. Myofascial Release, Castor Oil Packs Detox.

Nutritional Counseling
Nutrigenomics, taking your genetic make-up into account. Nutritional Reflex Testing.
Sports Injury Treatment

Research consistently shows the importance of nutrition in the repair process of injuries. The body’s demand for nutrition dramatically increases during times of injury and healing. Professional guidance is paramount in maximizing recovery and minimizing downtime. Click HERE for more on Sports Injury Care!

T'ai Chi Chih & Seijaku

T'ai Chi Chih is stress reduction through 19 moves & one pose. Gentle, non-martial.  Seijaku is serenity in the midst of activity - advanced T’ai Chi Chih. For those who have completed 8 hours minimum T’ai Chi Chih.


“I feel so much better after going here. I had a chronic cold and they have found and treated allergens.”

Holly B.

“Before treatments with Dr. Straile, I would get itching on my arms after working in my garden.  Now I have not had a reaction from gardening!”

Eleanor - Camillus, NY