Prostate Health

The prostate separates urinary function from sexual function. Like all organs and glands of the body, the prostate is subject to neurological and hormonal regulation. One of the biggest trouble makers for the prostate is INFLAMMATION. Yes, you have heard it before, inflammation causes so many health problems.

What are common prostate problems?

For men under 50, the most common prostate problem is prostatitis.

For men over 50, the most common prostate problem is prostate enlargement. This condition is also called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Older men are at risk for prostate cancer as well, but this disease is much less common than BPH. More information about prostate cancer is available from the National Cancer Institute.

What causes this inflammation of the prostate?

Some kinds of prostatitis may be caused by bacterial infections which need to be treated by a Medical Doctor usually with antibiotics.

In Dr. Straile’s experience, many cases of prostatitis, but especially prostate enlargement is caused by hidden food sensitivities, sensitivities to food chemicals and environmental chemicals and the effects of residual hormones from non-organic meats.

What can be done to reduce this inflammation?

Lifestyle changes: a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet with organic foods and chemical free foods is the most obvious and direct strategy. Dr. Straile, DC employs a complementary and alternative technique called NAET to desensitize the body to the many inflammatory triggers, including gluten, dairy, nuts etc. Dr. Straile, DC has been providing anti-inflammatory NAET treatments for over 13 years on thousands of patients. He is also the developer of the computerized anti-inflammatory HOW Method.

Is BPH a sign of cancer?

No. It’s true that some men with prostate cancer also have BPH, but that doesn’t mean that the two conditions are always linked. Most men with BPH don’t develop prostate cancer. Check with your Medical Doctor to rule out cancer.