Irritable Bowel Disorders

Bowel disorders can stress any part of the entire Digestive System — from mouth to anus.
However, the disorder is most often centered in the small and large intestines where the
intestinal tissues have become INFLAMMED and damaged.

Natural solutions for IBS and Crohns


  1. Diet of inflammatory foods, such as:
    White flour products, white potato products, white sugar products, corn syrup and other junk foods.

  2. Food allergies and sensitivities

  3. Chronic infections, parasitic, bacterial, fungal.

  4. GMO foods (genetically modified)

No wonder that one can experience abdominal or joint pain, diarrhea, weight loss, constipation, fatigue, painful bowel movements. The whole intestinal area can feel ‘on fire’.


Self help is important. And pain diminishes when eating habits are changed to a healthier diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, consumption of smaller amounts of food throughout the day, avoidance of greasy or fried foods, alcohol and caffeine. Avoidance of allergic foods. But damage may be so severe that medical intervention is necessary. Antibiotics are prescribed. Multiple tests are required. The most severe intervention is bowel resection surgery.


Dr. Straile identifies the culprits (allergies, candida, microbes) energetically through Kinesiology testing or computer software – -. Wheat and dairy are big offenders in any bowel disorder. Also common are nuts and eggs. Most common infestations are parasites and fungus such as candida.

Dr. Straile: “Allergies are best managed, maybe even eliminated through NAET®, a special technique that I have practiced successfully for more than ten years.”

Successful management of food allergies and irritants plus nutritional supplements, such as ProBiotics over a period of time will restore the bowel system to its normal, healthy level.
The Intestine and it’s associated organs respond very well to the natural healing capabilities of the body. This healing can be facilitated with energy techniques such as NAET – – and specific, targeted natural medicines.