Hay Fever

Natural solutions for hay fever

Aah, sneeze, sneeze. Stuffy nose, itchy eyes.

Come July and August often until the first frost, many of us will be dealing with Hay fever allergies! Pollen, molds, grasses and weeds, cause runny noses, watery/itchy eyes, irritated throats. The Fall pollens are a potpourri of weeds, grasses and wild flowers.

It is the common ragweed and giant ragweed that are responsible for a lot of a person’s unfortunate hay fever experience. These plants are also responsible for skin rashes.

Does Hay Fever have you stocking up on antihistamines? Scheduling allergy shots?

There is a very effective, a gentle, less toxic and often more permanent way to manage the Hay Fever allergies. An energetic approach says Dr. Straile, DC: “Allergies are metabolic problems. The dysfunction is happening at the enzymatic level. Certain enzymes which process and break down these allergens inside the body, are not showing up. And that is where I try to fix the problem, with NAET and my newly developed SHOW Method. This is intended to stop the immune system from over-reacting and being hypersensitive.”

The SHOW Method is completely non-invasive and gentle (read more about SHOW Method). Frequently the results of the treatments are permanent.